Is there a man in your life who would talk to you about you?

Avoiding the situation where you are a narcissist and love to talk about yourself with anyone, are there people you can talk to about yourself? Are there honest people who can tell you the truth about you? Are there people who want to help you with advice without having the desire to be mean? Are there people to whom you can share what you have in your soul without fear?


Criticism is good when it wants to correct it. Criticism is not good when it wants to shoot down. That is why we have to go through our own filter, these criticisms, more or less constructive. Do you have people in your life with whom you can talk about plans, about dreams without being afraid of their reaction? The fact that they will discourage you, that they will tell you that they are not achievable? The fact that they’ll say you can’t? Do you have people to encourage and support you, at least morally?


Do you have people who warn you not to behave the way God wants you to? Or do you have people around you who encourage you not to behave as God wants them to? Do you have people with whom you can grow up in the garden, next to whom the time you spend does not pass in vain? Do you have people by your side to pull your sleeve when you deviate?


Is there at least one man in your life who is not shy to encourage you for fear of being left behind? There’s at least one man in your life who says, “Yeah, brother, you can!” even if your dreams are far-fetched? Is there a man in your life who can correct you without pulling you down?


Before you take the suggestions of the people around you, go through their own thinking, but don’t give them too much credit. Don’t let anyone become your leader except God. And you ask Him for your opinion by reading His Words. If there is a man in your life who would talk to you about you without malice, without envy, without discouragement, out of love, but who is not afraid to pay attention to you when your behavior is wrong, keep him close to you. , because you need such a man.


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