Instead Of Spending $11 Million Dollars On Daughter’s Wedding, Tycoon Builds 90 Apartments For The Poor

Life is definitely good for anyone with a wealthy father, especially one who is planning to spend millions of dollars on their wedding. This is the case for one Sheyra Munot whose father is an Indian billionaire. Mr.

Ajay Munot had saved a whopping eleven million dollars for her daughter’s wedding. For some reason, however, the business tycoon decided to spend the money on a more charitable cause on the day of his daughter’s wedding.

Munot decided to build homes for homeless people in India and managed to construct ninety homes by the wedding day, but he was still going to develop eighteen more.

The reason why the billionaire changed his mind so quickly is not known but is widely appreciated. People who have heard of his charitable act have commended him from all over the world.

The houses constructed were quite small; only twelve by twenty feet. Each home has only two windows.

They, however, have the most basic and necessary utilities such as clean running water and electricity. While most people would consider the houses as tiny, they are something close to mansions for people who come from the slums.

They have no homes and finally having a free roof over your head (especially one as adorable as the one Munot provided) is more than a blessing.

The little houses are constructed in neat rows with more than enough spacing to create some good outdoor space for those who will be living in them. They are also quite adorable; they are painted white and brown with yellow numbers marking each house.

Each house has a brown staircase leading to the door. The whole color combination is very appealing, and despite the size, the homes are beautiful.

Sheyra was quite grateful for her father’s act of kindness and said that it was the best wedding gift he could give her. On their wedding day, the couple officially opened the living quarters and handed each family a key to their new homes.

The bride and her groom still managed to have a lavish ceremony; her clever father had managed to spend less than half of the money he had saved.

In fact, it was rumored that the entire project had cost him not more than three million dollars, which had left nine to her daughter’s disposal.

Ajay Munot is one of India’s wealthiest people. He is a jack of all trades, but the primary source of his wealth is thought to be his cloth and wheat reselling business.

He is also a financial and investment expert. He understands how money works and does not hesitate to use the understanding to gather himself a significant amount of it.

The man had taught the world an excellent lesson about giving. He would have spent all that money on his daughter and her groom, but instead, he chose to change the lives of more than two hundred people on the same day.

He had also allowed his family to feel the joy of sharing and as Sheyra said, it was the most generous gift he could give her for her wedding.

If the world could borrow a page or two from him, this really would be a better place.


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