Inspiration comes when you work

I believe you when you say you have no idea how to start your project. Of course, you can’t find your ideas when you sit in the middle of the bed and scroll down on Facebook, to see the latest gossip. You can’t find your inspiration if you haven’t even started looking for it!


It all starts … with the beginning (deep thing, right?). If you are going to do a good job, take your heart in your teeth and start! It’s hard to get there, because it will all go away from the moment you decide to do something. You will be surprised at how many beautiful ideas you can have, how much knowledge you have and how many ways to put them into practice. So take a deep breath and sit at your desk / laptop and find out what you have to do and what is the purpose of what you have to do.


Find your motivation. Think that the ending will be a real masterpiece and that you will be able to do something great that will eventually help someone else later. Believe me, all the great ideas come along. You will be amazed at how much you will be able to achieve. It’s all about having a little willpower and … starting work!


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