In such a normal world, it’s good to be rebellious!

People accused of being rebellious are isolated from others, they are kept at a distance because they do not have the same habits, the same faith, the same values. The term “rebel” somewhat refers to a negative aspect of the human personality … however, in the “normal” world we live in, you have to be rebellious to be free.


In the “normal” world we live in, it’s great to like to get drunk whenever you have the opportunity, in today’s world it’s normal to smoke, it’s normal to take drugs, it’s normal to have sex with strangers “for fun” , to gain experience. In today’s world, it is normal to steal in order to have a high position and a lot of money, and you are also looked at with respect for “your achievements”. In the “normal” world we live in, you are a sucker if you respect your life partner and truly love him, because “you are not cool” if you do not control him as he burns you, if for you absolutely no one but you matters. .. that you just have to be the navel of the earth.


In today’s normal world it is abnormal to pray to God, it is abnormal to at least open the Bible, it is abnormal to have a personal relationship with Him. You’re even looked at strangely if you talk about God and how well he did in your life … It’s abnormal not to want to talk bad people, it’s abnormal not to like noise, quarrel … that only they have charm. ..


In such a “normal” world, the best thing you can do for yourself is to be rebellious, not to do something you know is wrong and not honor you just because those around you are asking you to to accept you. In such a sick world, where the normal is misunderstood, to be different, to believe what God is telling you is the best act of rebellion you can do. By not sinking into sin and vice you will be free, because your soul will not remain handcuffed by this earth so badly ruled!


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