In fact, why aren’t we happy?

There are a lot of reasons why we can’t be happy. Good. Reformulate. We find a lot of reasons that keep us from being happy. Why? Because it is much easier to stay sullen for life, but relaxed, following every day the same routine that we hate than to decide ALONE FOR US to change something. It is much harder to set up our own dream than to bring others to life. Choosing comfort instead of happiness is commonplace nowadays … and it is so sad, so unfair to ourselves!


It’s much easier to find a lot of excuses for which we can’t do a certain thing. We blame anyone and everyone for not getting where we wanted to go. Either it’s the fault of society, which teaches us completely different values ​​than the moral ones, or it’s the fault of the weather, or it’s the fault of the dog in front of the block. It doesn’t matter who is guilty, as long as the explanation sounds somewhat logical in our head and how much we can sneak in to do good, to take the initiative …. However, we ever think that time and energy on that we use them in vain to find excuses can be used to do something truly amazing for us? Because nothing is hard … until before you start it!


What we forget to do is thank God for everything. We always forget that we have nothing on our own, that everything we have accomplished has come from Him. We often forget to be content, to ask Him to help us, and to make Him proud. And for that I want to apologize. Tending to more is not bad, but forgetting where you are right now is. So fight for the future, but do not curse your present, but thank him for it, because you have nowhere to go! Allowing the Lord to enter our lives is the best thing we can do for ourselves … Do you believe that happiness will be an unattainable ideal with Him? I sincerely BELIEVE not!


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