In 1977 in Alabama, Elvis stopped his concert, sat at a piano and sang the best song ever

Elvis Presley is known for his enigmatic performances on stage and on screen. He has the charm and charisma to make the ladies swoon at his music. During his time, there are so many musicians and singers too.

But nobody could have ever outshined The King. His energized interpretations of songs and sexually provocative performance style made him stand out.

Back in 1977 at an Alabama concert, Elvis stopped singing and then decided to sing something he never attempted in public before. The band never practiced the song, but that didn’t stop Elvis from performing it.

He sat down at the piano and played the gospel song himself, “Where No One Stands Alone.”

In an interview, later on, he said that he felt the need to sing it. Lucky for us all, the audio from the concert was recorded.

The first stanza of the song says:

“Once I stood in the night

With my head bowed low

In the darkness

As black as could be

And my heartfelt alone

And I cried, oh Lord

Don’t hide your face from me.”

In the most difficult time of our lives, sometimes it is easy to think and feel that we are alone. That no one is there to share the pain and burden with us. Little did we know that someone is up there, knowing the pain, hurt, and sadness, that we feel.

“Hold my hand all the way

Every hour, every day

Come here to the great unknown

Take my hand

Let me stand

Where no one stands alone”

Now, this is not the usual “rock and roll” songs that we hear from The King. But this is definitely something that tugs t our hearts. And like regular individuals, Elvis Presley also had his struggles in life. Despite the smiles he puts on his face during his performances, there were times that he felt overwhelmed by it all.

“Like a King, I may live in a palace so tall

With great riches to call my own

But I don’t know a thing

In this whole wide world

That’s worse than being alone”

In this song, Elvis was telling the world how alone he truly felt in this song although he had everything. He knew Jesus was all he needed.

In one tear-jerking video, Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, did a duet with his dad in this song. It was beautifully arranged and surely felt like the duet was meant to be.

The video and audio of his solo and duet renditions of the song were uploaded on different YouTube channels that now have millions of views.

No matter how difficult life is, we should never forget that Jesus is there to guide us along the way. Our Father loves us and he will never give us something that we can’t do. Sometimes, all we have to do is trust His will.

In the midst of what’s happening in the world these days, it is easy to forget about our faith and who can truly help us in these times of hardship. As the song says, all we have to do is to hold His hand because no one stands alone.


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