I’m not “them”, so don’t compare me to anyone in your past.

I’m sure you’ve dealt with many women before me … each with good and bad, that just how well would I have done in the world to find you “innocent”? Finally, going over this aspect … I’m sure you had something to learn from each of them. I’m sure you’ve found things in common with these women … and I’m sure of one more thing: none of them were right for you.


Why? I don’t know … maybe they disappointed you, maybe you disappointed them. The idea is that you have reached where you are inheriting some opinions … And I want to let you know that those opinions bother me a bit, especially because you are trying to prove them by studying my behavior. Even if you seem to master the hidden mysteries of the Universe, know that the only thing they and I have in common is that we are WOMEN!


I know that you also lost time, feelings, throwing yourself into relationships that did not end well. I know you suffered too, I know they were to blame too … or at least some. But none of it was me. Why did you bother to conquer me if you already knew me through the prism of others and you knew what the outcome would be? If only to confirm your theories, let me go too and become one of the scorpions who weren’t able to keep you … because I know I deserve more than that.


There are also women who no longer know how to love because they gave everything before they reached you and received so little, but there are also women who know how to be for you with all their being. Yes, the first category includes those “scorpions”, who are actually so hurt that they can hardly believe even the most sincere “I love you!”, But you are not allowed to say about all women that they are the same ! If you stubbornly believe that, you only have. If you want to get the confirmation of your theories from our relationship, to bring me to the point where I will give in, there is no problem! But please don’t make fun of my time or yours, and leave.


Maybe you will be happy, because you can still apply your conceptions about women, because you only have so much knowledge …


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