If you think the grass is greener next door, stop staring at his yard, don’t compare it to yours, but go to work and water the grass in your yard!

Stop comparing yourself to the people around you! If you think they are doing better than you, if you think they have bigger earnings than yours, if you see them happy and fulfilled, don’t envy them, but rejoice for them! Send them a blessing, not a curse or a harsh word. Rejoice for them even if you are down to earth and it seems to you that you cannot escape in any hard way.


Pray, work and believe in your dream and success! Even if there doesn’t seem to be a door open for you, believe me there will be one, but for that you have to believe like crazy in your dreams. It doesn’t matter if everything seems unfeasible at the moment, you dream and fight! Any small opportunity arises, seize it.


Come and water your own garden. Don’t let her wither. Do not compare it with a greener garden, but neither with one with more vines, because this way you might think you are fine and not fight for more. Nothing goes without saying if you don’t really want that … and you may need deeds, effort, not just words. So go ahead and fight!


Nothing is difficult when you have God to guide your steps. You can always ask Him for help, because He will listen to you. Put any evil thoughts aside and do your best to increase your connection with Him. Nothing in this life will stay with you later, only Him, if you take great care of the friendship between you. It may be a little hard, but no one deserves your fight more than He does!


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