If These Things Happen in Your Relationship, It Means Your Man is Just Pretending to Love You

It’s a dreadful feeling, but you’re not alone. Sometimes, signals that a man doesn’t truly love you can be hard to decipher. Here are some clear signs to watch out for that might suggest your man is pretending to be in love with you.

Let’s dive in.

1. Secret Relationship

Some folks like to keep their private lives under wraps, which is understandable. However, a complete lack of visibility with friends and family can be suspicious. If hardly anyone knows about your relationship, it could be a red flag.

2. Inconsistent with His Words and Actions

A genuinely loving partner will be consistent in what he says and does. If he frequently changes his statements, behaves unpredictably, or his actions don’t match his words, it may indicate that he’s pretending.

3. Low Communication

Communication is crucial in any relationship. If he rarely initiates conversations or dismisses your attempts to talk, it might mean he’s pretending to love you. No matter how busy one is, time for loved ones should always be prioritized.

4. He Puts Others Above You

A man in love will prioritize you. If he always rushes to his friends or prefers their company over yours, especially after you’ve expressed your concerns, it could mean that he’s not genuinely invested in the relationship. Balance is key, but ignoring your feelings isn’t.

5. Solely Interested in Physical Intimacy

Physical intimacy is part of a relationship, but if he’s only interested in that aspect and neglects everything else, it’s a sign he’s not genuine. A true partner cares about your overall well-being and not just physical aspects.

6. Indifference Towards Disappointments

Mistakes and disappointments happen in life, that’s a given. However, it’s crucial how one responds to those situations. If your man frequently lets you down and doesn’t seem bothered by it, even after you’ve communicated your feelings, it’s a strong sign that you’re not a priority and he doesn’t truly love you. Without changes, this pattern is likely to continue.


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