Chinese Restaurant Is In Big Trouble After We Found Out Where Their Chicken Is From

“Are y’all seeing what I’m seeing?” wrote a TikTok user who was astonished by what she discovered at a local Chinese buffet. The surprising sight? The restaurant was serving dinosaur chicken nuggets. Adorned in sesame seeds and sauce, these nuggets looked quite delicious. However, the TikTok user was taken aback upon spotting the store-bought frozen food at the restaurant and quickly shared a video to gather more reactions.

The video was straightforward. The user turned the camera onto the sesame-covered dinosaur nuggets and used TikTok’s features to create a video that went viral in no time. With the text-to-voice function narrating the clip, the camera zoomed in several times to provide a clear shot of the grocery store-style chicken nuggets being served at the buffet.

This clip spread quickly across TikTok, Reddit, Twitter, and other social media, amassing more than two million views and over one hundred thousand likes, along with thousands of comments.

“That would be worse than an infestation! I mean, we can just buy them from the grocery store!” wrote one user.

Another remarked they’d be content eating them if that was the only option available.

“Dino nuggets over no food, I mean come on. It looks pretty good too!”

A third user humorously mentioned, “I’m getting me some Dino nuggets. Yum! I might just go buy sesame seeds and chicken, too, while we are at it. #yummyinmytummy.”

The video received over ten thousand comments from entertained and astonished viewers. Some were eager to try the sesame seed dino nuggets for themselves.

“I would one hundred percent eat dino nugget sesame chicken,” commented one user.

“I don’t care that they used dino nuggets. I just wanna see how good they taste,” added another.

“Don’t be suspicious,” one viewer joked. “Don’t be suspicious.”

“Okay, but that honestly looks really good.”

One user humorously noted, “Chicken shortage so real that they replaced it with prehistoric meat.”

“Bruh, not the dino nuggets,” another chuckled.

One user highlighted the broader issue, explaining that supply chain issues and inflation are causing trouble for restaurant owners, businesses, and consumers alike.

“Oh my God, dino nuggets? This inflation is insane.”

Some viewers expected a gross-out factor in the video, fearing the sesame chicken dino nuggets might be infested with maggots or other critters.

“Me, looking for maggots. ‘Is that a dino nugget?’”

While the situation in itself is quite unusual, the responses indicate a mixed bag of humor, shock, and a surprising appreciation for the dino nuggets. The restaurant’s decision may be driven by economic challenges, but it has certainly added a unique twist to the dining experience.


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