If I die today, where do I end up?

I know it sounds gloomy and some of us prefer not to think about such a moment … but let’s leave these thoughts aside for a minute and think about this aspect … because the truth is that we all owe it to ourselves to we go through death to move on in eternal life.


Have you ever asked yourself this question? If not, why? Life here is fragile. Just as we do not choose when to be born, we do not choose when to leave this earth. And if so, what answer did you get? Did you tell yourself that you didn’t hit anyone in the head, that you didn’t steal, that you didn’t do anything so serious as to keep you away from Heaven … and yet, were you right? Do you think that you can get there alone, because you consider yourself a good man? Have you also asked God what he thinks?


We alone cannot overcome this continual struggle with sin, with evil, which we are waging here. Human nature has evil-leaning traits … and I think we experience them every day. Maybe they are known to everyone: envy, quarrels, anger, misunderstandings, divisions, praise, gossip and much more. There is no man who has never been tormented by at least one of these traits. Should these things lead to salvation because they seem normal to us, because we meet them daily? Well, no … God speaks to us clearly in His Word that they bring true death.


Following the path of the flesh (which includes everything I listed above), you put God aside in your life because you consciously choose to listen to nature, not Him. Your deeds do not save you. Man without God is incapable of living forever. Faith, obedience to God are what matter. Jesus came for us here. Let him die for us. He came to give us a chance to go Home, to Him, when we leave here … do we have our eyes open to see this? Do we understand that He sinned for us, after which He was crucified? Are we aware of how much he loves us? Do we respond correctly to such holy love?


If I leave today, will I go to Heaven because I’m a good man? Well, you get to Heaven if you let God guide you there. He did not come to change people, but to make us new people. Did you leave yourself in His hands? Are you going to let Him transform you? This choice is in the hands of each of us. He is waiting at the door of our hearts, because he is a true gentleman. Don’t rush. Did you open the door for him? Are you sure where you end up if your time here ends today?


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