If he doesn’t want to show up with you because “he only wants you for him,” you should roll your eyes and see the huge lie you kiss only when you’re alone.

Phrases like, “I don’t want to be seen together because I just want to enjoy our relationship, because I love you with all my heart” or “I don’t want to show up in public because I want to keep you just for me, I just want to be the two of us in this relationship! ā€ it sounds so beautiful that you can’t melt another … Because you believe it, because you want it to be true.


When we discovered something we liked how did we react? We do not keep it hidden, but we show everyone how happy we are, because we simply cannot refrain. We want everyone to enjoy our joy, we tell them excitedly, we do not keep it hidden. Why do we react differently when it comes to our loved one? Why would you accept that he doesn’t admit that he’s your boyfriend when you can’t wait to show everyone that you’re his?


The fact that he doesn’t want to go out with you on the street and that he doesn’t want anyone to know about your existence in his life is not a good sign. He has good reasons to keep you hidden … and those reasons don’t honor you: maybe you’re not the only woman in his life, maybe he wants to keep having fun and you’re just the reserve … you usually hide a person others if you run after more rabbits. Do you want to accept this? If you do, you probably do it because you love him and because you want to be by his side even in half measures … Do you still like this lifestyle? Think that surely there is a man somewhere who would do anything to hold your hand in any situation, who would scream in the big mouth of happiness that you are his without caring about anyone other than you two! Why settle for a lie when you can have it all?


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