How To Make A Super Effective Mosquito Trap

Summer is a wonderful time of year filled with sunshine, beach days, and backyard barbecues. However, there’s one thing that can quickly put a damper on our outdoor fun – bugs, especially mosquitoes. We all know that nothing ruins a peaceful evening on the deck like the relentless buzzing of these bloodthirsty pests.

While lighting a citronella candle can provide some relief in a small area, I don’t want mosquitoes anywhere near me. So, what’s the solution? I recently came across a TikTok video that introduced me to something called a Skeeterbag, and it seems like a game-changer.

The Skeeterbag is a mesh bag that attaches to the back of a 20″ box fan. When the fan is turned on, it creates a tornado-like effect that sucks in the mosquitoes and traps them inside the bag. It’s easy to use and requires minimal maintenance – simply empty the bag once a week or as needed, and you’re ready to go.

This innovative solution works best in outdoor spaces where mosquitoes tend to congregate, such as near windows or outdoor lights, especially during dusk. It’s also a fantastic option to protect your livestock and animals from mosquito bites, as we all know how much these pests target them.

One of the best things about the Skeeterbag is that it’s a natural alternative to traditional mosquito eliminators. Unlike chemical-laden products that could potentially be harmful to our kids and pets, the Skeeterbag harnesses the power of the fan to effectively get rid of mosquitoes without any harsh chemicals.

If you’re interested in trying out the Skeeterbag for yourself, you can purchase one for $25. In my opinion, the price is definitely worth it if it means we can enjoy our summer without the nuisance and health risks associated with mosquitoes.

So, let’s say goodbye to those annoying mosquitoes and hello to an enjoyable and mosquito-free summer!


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