How Prince William’s severe surgery left him permanently scarred

Although it is not uncommon for members of the royal family to receive injuries when horseback riding—in fact, everyone from Sophie Wessex to Queen Elizabeth II has done so—Prince William was seriously hurt while participating in a different kind of activity.

Princess Diana, William’s mother, remained the night at their residence, and the next morning, his brother Prince Harry was his first guest. They spoke for fifteen minutes before Harry left for school.

According to reports from the palace at the time, King Charles went to see his injured son shortly after the accident, then left the hospital to go to the opera while maintaining communication with the medical staff.

Prince William revealed the details of his injury 18 years later, during an interview for the BBC program Newsround with a cancer sufferer aged ten years old.

The monarch revealed what happened, saying, “I was playing golf with a buddy of mine when I was struck by a golf club.” “We were on the putting green when all of a sudden a seven-iron appeared out of nowhere and whacked me in the head,” said the golfer.

He went on to explain that his scar occasionally ‘glows’ like the lightning bolt scar that Harry Potter is famous for having on his forehead.

“Sometimes it lights, and some people notice it, and other times they don’t notice it at all,” the speaker said.


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