How do you talk the love?

Love is the most beautiful thing you can experience as a human being. It was given to us by God, and I can say that it is divinely beautiful. He loves us so much that we have no idea, but he also taught us to love other people. We are loved and we don’t even realize it because we often choose to look in other directions. We choose to look at everything strictly from a personal point of view, without seeing that others have their own way of loving us.


Even when it comes to a long-term relationship, at some point you may find that your partner does not love you as you think. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, but rightly so. He loves you in his own way. It is very possible that his way of showing you love will surprise you, more or less pleasantly … because it is possible that you understand that love is expressed only in a certain way.


Well, don’t be scared if your partner speaks love differently than you do. Don’t be scared if after a while the butterflies are gone. Then you are just beginning to fall in love. Mature love involves more than love from the beginning, it is a conscious, deep love. It is true. You will stay with a man you consciously love, you will overcome difficulties, even if his way of showing your love is different from yours.


However, what do we do if the person next to us loves us differently than we would like? Simple! We tell him! Maybe he shows us how much he loves gestures, but maybe we need words … this is just an example. We must not put our nose in the pillow and cry about the lack of love, especially when it exists, and still in huge quantities! We just have to learn to understand each other. Love is wonderful and does not manifest in the same way in two people. So what? We learn the love of those around us every day. We accept him with his kind of love and talk about love so that we can both feel what the other has prepared for us!


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