Hotel Worker Shares Why You Should ‘Turn Off the Lights’ as Soon as You Get to Your Hotel Room

Hotel Worker Shares Why You Should ‘Turn Off the Lights’ as Soon as You Get to Your Hotel Room

Ever wondered what’s the first thing you should do when you enter a hotel room? Unpack? Jump on the bed? Nope. According to Halee, a seasoned hotel worker of 15 years and a travel blogger on TikTok (@haleewithaflair), you should turn off the lights immediately. And her reason will make you think twice about ever skipping this step.

Picture this: a couple wakes up covered in scars, victims of a relentless overnight assault by bed bugs. Sounds like a horror movie, right? Well, it’s a reality Halee has witnessed and wishes to prevent for all travelers. She’s seen the consequences and is on a mission to spread the word.

Turn Off the Lights, Your Safety Routine Begins

Halee’s advice is simple but crucial. When you enter your hotel room, make it dark. Yes, you heard that right. Turn off the lights, draw the shades, and get your phone’s flashlight ready. This isn’t a setup for a spooky ghost story; it’s your frontline defense against bed bugs.

Next, dive into what could be a room inspection episode of CSI: Bed Bug Edition. You’ll need to look under the covers and “check under all the folds.” See those nooks and crannies? That’s bed bug heaven. Shine your flashlight like a detective on the hunt because bed bugs love to cozy up in the corners and creases.

But Wait, There’s More!

How thorough is thorough? Well, Halee is meticulous. She checks under the bed, under the mattress, and even peeks under the mattress protector. She advises checking for any suspicious signs like blood stains on fabrics, and don’t forget to inspect other spots like the mini-fridge, curtains, and the ironing board if there is one.

Before you unpack your bags, conduct this bed bug sweep. Otherwise, you run the risk of inviting these pests into your luggage and taking them home as unwanted souvenirs.

More Pro Tips: Keep Your Luggage Bug-Free

Halee insists luggage should never, and I mean never, be placed on the bed. Opt for a luggage rack or keep your bags near the room door to avoid any potential bugs hitching a ride.

Bed bugs are cunning creatures. They’re nocturnal, which means they come out to feed when it’s dark. By turning off the lights, you’re essentially luring them out of hiding, making them easier to spot and eliminate.

These pesky critters are tiny, often only about 5 mm long, and come in varying shades from dark yellow to brown. Their bites are notorious for being red, itchy, and often forming lines or clusters. For some unlucky individuals, these bites can trigger allergic reactions.

Beyond the bed, bed bugs also snuggle into furniture seams, including chairs and sofas. This hidden nightlife explains why experts recommend washing your vacation clothes immediately upon returning home. This extra step helps ensure no bed bugs come back with you.

In conclusion, while it’s tempting to flop on the bed and revel in the joys of hotel amenities, remember Halee’s sage advice: Make your first move in any hotel room turning off those lights. Your skin will thank you, your luggage will thank you, heck, future you will thank you. It’s a small step that can save you from a big headache – or rather, a lot of big itchy bites.

Happy and safe travels, everyone!


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