He was watching the evening news when he saw a familiar face on live television: it was his wife!

A man’s suspicions were confirmed when his wife was captured on camera during a police operation at a brothel and it was revealed that she worked there as a prostitute.

Igor Alexeev, a resident of Ufa in the Republic of Bashkortostan in Russia, couldn’t believe what he was seeing when he witnessed his wife Maria being placed in handcuffs while she was wearing black lace stockings and a low-cut bra.

After witnessing the sex worker getting caught on live TV, the father has decided to file a legal action in an effort to prevent his wife of eight years from seeing their daughter, who is six years old.

He claims that he discovered Maria’s price list for a variety of sexual services after conducting online research on her. He divulged the information that she charged her customers £200 for a full night of sexual activity.

Alexeiv and Maria have recently divorced, and he has been awarded legal custody of their daughter.

However, he is currently intending to make another court appearance in order to stop Maria from seeing the child.

He contends that she ought to be able to mature without the stigma and disgrace of other people being aware that she is the daughter of a prostitute. This is something that he feels she is entitled to.

As a result of the raid that the police conducted on the brothel, they say that she will be facing criminal charges.

Ufa is one of the most prosperous cities in Russia economically, and a large part of its success can be attributed to the city’s superior transportation connections with Moscow and the rest of Russia.

In 1574, the legendary Tsar Ivan the Terrible established it as a stronghold during his reign as ruler of Russia.


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