He received a crushing diagnosis and all his hopes were ruined in a second!

Mother who lost her son to brain cancer a day after his wedding has spoken up about her grief.

Navar Herbert of Otorohanga went away on June 25, 2019, 30 hours and 34 minutes after getting hitched to his longtime girlfriend Maia Falwasser at the Gold Coast at 4 p.m. the day before.

The 22-year-old was diagnosed with a brain tumor eight months earlier and had a brief struggle with rhabdomyosarcoma, an aggressive and severely malignant form of cancer that had migrated to his brain.

One year after Navar’s passing, his mother Vanessa spoke candidly to the Daily Mail Australia about the challenges the family has encountered.

His wife and their son Kyrie relocated from Queensland to New Zealand after he passed away in order to be nearer to her family.

Although it has been difficult, his parents, Vanessa and her husband Cameron, have stayed in the Gold Coast.

“We haven’t seen [Kyrie] in what seems like ages. He shares his father’s intelligence and cheekiness. He’s very shrewd, “She spoke with the editor.

The past year, according to Vanessa, has been a haze filled with many tears.

“I cry the entire commute to work and the entire commute home. I can’t listen to some songs that play on the radio because they make me cry “She spoke.

He has profoundly impacted numerous hearts.

She continued by saying that his wife Maia had also had a difficult year.

Vanessa responded, “She’s having a hard time.

“They spent three years together. She had just turned 17 when they started dating. She believed they would remain partners forever.

“He was built like a brick, which is unusual for someone of his strength to suddenly lose the ability to move or speak. For someone so young, it’s a tremendously difficult experience to go through.”

On his first birthday, July 2, Kyrie was there for his father’s burial.

However, Vanessa claimed that this year will be better because he will celebrate his birthday with his Kiwi family at a party with a dinosaur theme.

The Covid-19 border limitations have prevented Vanessa and her husband Cameron from traveling to New Zealand to attend the unveiling of Navar’s headstone, she continued.

However, they decided to wait until March of the following year, when traveling should be safer.

Maia shared a tragic video of the couple’s private garden wedding ceremony after Navar passed away.

The heartbreaking video shows Navar sitting visibly ill in a recliner, being helped by his family to get dressed for the occasion.

After being wheeled into the ceremony, he greeted his future wife as follows: “Hello, my wife and my child. I cherish you.”

Navar had requested to be taken to the mall a week prior to his passing, indicating his intentions.

According to Vanessa, who spoke with the Herald in a previous interview, he chose an engagement ring there and then proposed to his three-year companion after returning home.

She didn’t believe her son had gotten down on one knee since he immediately lost his ability to move and, at times, see and hear after proposing.

Vanessa expressed her gratitude to the community, which included family, friends, and members of the nearby rugby and rugby league clubs, for putting everything needed for the wedding together in a short amount of time.

“Just then, everyone came together. Nothing needed to be done by us. We decorated the yard, had flowers, costumes, and someone gave Maia a ring for Navar in the span of three hours. It truly was great.”

Even though he was having trouble, her son was still able to express his emotions when his wife showed up.

“He was like, “Whoa,” even though he couldn’t actually see her. He was aware of what was taking place and that he and Maia had long desired it.”

His mother found it to be bittersweet because she couldn’t help but reflect on what might have been.

“You find it upsetting to observe your son in pain. It would have been fantastic if he could have stood up and said the vows, but he was in a wheelchair.

“The marriage was lovely. It’s really sad; if he weren’t so ill, it would’ve been great. Cancer is awful.”


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