He became famous for his role in the series Prison Break, but now, at 49, doctors have made a shocking diagnosis.

Actor Wentworth Miller has confessed on the internet that he suffers from autism, a disease he discovered he had a year ago. Fans of the star of the famous series “Prison Break” are shocked and support Miller, especially after, in 2013, he announced that he is gay.

Wentworth Miller, the main character in the “Prison Break” phenomenon series, confessed on the internet that he suffers from autism, a disease he was diagnosed with a year ago. According to the Daily Mail, when the actor found out from doctors that he suffers from this condition, respectively in the autumn of 2020, he was really shocked, but he expected it, especially because of his recent behavior.

Prison Break lead actor Wentworth Miller suffers from autism

The confession was made through a message in the form of a confession on his social media account, where he told his fans that the coronavirus pandemic brought him “unexpected gifts”.

“This fall marks a year since I received my informal diagnosis of autism. Preceded by a self-diagnosis. Followed by a formal diagnosis. It was a long, faulty process that needed updating. I’m a middle-aged man. Not a 5-year-old. And I recognize that access to a diagnosis is a privilege that many do not enjoy “, is a fine part of Miller’s message on Instagram.

Wentworth Miller also shocked the public in 2013, when he announced that he was gay, in an open letter, in which he refused the invitation to participate in the St. Petersburg International Film Festival, as a guest of honor, the reason being the human rights of that time in the country.

Autism, the disease with which Wentworth Miller was diagnosed, is a developmental disorder that is characterized by difficulties in communication and social interaction, as well as by behaviors that tend to recur.


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