Happy people do not always have the best. What makes them happy is that they know how to appreciate what they have.

For the souls of many of us, sadness has become a permanent state. We no longer find our place, we feel that we are not where we should be, we have become part of a routine that we hate only because this routine promises us a decent life. Many of us are not satisfied with the personal life we ​​have, whether we are part of a family or not.


We all see people around who not only look like, but who are very happy with the life they have. As a couple, they have harmony, their children are always calm and good, they are happy at work and the performance they have is impressive. These people are often not the ones who have a lot of money, who have everything they want from a material point of view. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that we want to find out their secret … does it even hurt when we see others succeed and fail to do the same?


Happy people are not special to us, they do not have superpowers. That peace they have in their souls is due to God. They trust Someone who assures them that what will happen to them will always be wonderful. They know humility and have understood that people’s admiration will not enrich them in any way. They take care of their work and their happiness, and manage to be very happy with how much they have, even if they are not at the top of their jobs, even if they do not drive expensive cars. They have God by their side and know that nothing bad will happen to them because they trust Him wholeheartedly.


Even if from the outside it seems incredible, happiness is really given by God and he is more than happy to give it to anyone who asks for it. He changes our lives in ways we never thought possible, even in a way we used to find strange. We, as human beings, often make bad decisions, God forbid. Leaving Him in control of our lives sets us free. A race in which our driver is God always ends at the right destination, where our soul longs to reach.


We are happy when we realize that we are blessed with the life we ​​have received as a gift. We are happy when we give thanks for everything that happens to us, be it good or bad. We are happy even when we are going through trouble, because we know that God has made us go through it, to strengthen us for future challenges. We are happy because we live in the presence of a living and true God. We are happy when we feel His true love, when we know Him, when we put all our trust in Him. We are happy with God. We are happy forever, not just for a moment.


Many of you may not understand how we can be free when we are in someone’s hand. I challenge you to try and let God be the leader of your life!


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