Guys, Women Think Your Balding Head Is ‘Sexy,’ Science Says

Hey fellas, freaked out by the thinning hair up top? Well, grab a seat and toss that bottle of Rogaine, because you’re in for some good news. It turns out that your balding head might just be your secret weapon in the dating game!

The Surprising Study

According to a study by Superdrug Online Doctor, which involved 1,700 men and women from the US and the UK (with about 70 percent being millennials), there’s a good chance your balding head is driving women wild. Seriously, 54 percent of American women and 41 percent of women in the UK think balding is sexy. Yes, you read that right. Sexy.

Dating Isn’t All About Hair

Despite many men feeling self-conscious about their receding hairlines, around 71 percent of women surveyed revealed that a guy’s hair loss doesn’t impact their dating life. So, your thinning hair is no deal breaker! In fact, a whopping 97 percent of women stated that minor hair loss is no biggie, and an impressive 76 percent mentioned they’d date a guy with severe hair loss.

Overall, only about a third of people surveyed felt that a man’s balding had a negative effect on their relationship. Rest easy, gents!

The Inevitable Hair Loss

Consider these stats: by age 35, two-thirds of men will have lost some hair. By age 50, it’s a staggering 85 percent. So if you find yourself in this hair-loss club, welcome – you’re in good company! This isn’t some exclusive club; it’s more like the majority of men.

Looks Vs. Personality

The study didn’t stop at hair loss. Participants were asked to rank the significance of various factors in a partner, such as personality and income. Looks came in second, with personality taking the crown. So if you’re a balding guy but possess a killer personality, you’re golden!

The Bald Revelation

To all the bald guys out there feeling a bit blue about their hair loss—chin up! Don’t let it hold you back in the dating scene. The right woman will appreciate you for who you are, hair or no hair.

Gentlemen, embrace the bald. You’ve got the statistics backing you up and science cheering you on. With the right charm and attitude, your thinning hair might just be the new ‘in’ thing. So go out there with your sparkling personality and confident bald head—who knows what magic awaits!


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