Grandpa With Vitiligo Crochets Dolls For Kids With The Condition To Uplift Their Spirits

When we were kids, it’s always fun to draw and make our own characters. They are a product of our imagination. Despite the influence of modern technology on kids these days, their most favorite thing to do still is to draw and color.

A child’s imagination is really interesting. They have this ability to create their own imaginative creatures. They can be adorable, cute, funny, while some are weird and have scars. Parents appreciate their kids’ creativity.

This is why they always keep their drawings and decorate them on the walls of their bedrooms or have their own space on the fridge. As the kids grow older, their drawings end up in boxes while most of them are trashed. Some parents keep these to show them to their kids once they get older.

But there is a company that does something about these kids’ drawings. This company called “Budsies” is turning these adorable creations into real-life plush toys!

Budsies was founded by Alex Furmansky. He got inspired by his little sisters’ drawings. One night, he saw her cuddling her stuffed toy in bed and he realized that if he can turn her drawing into a stuffed toy, she can keep it even until she gets older.

So he turned this idea into a reality. He borrowed one of her creations and made a dog-like plush toy out of it.

Her sister loved the stuffed animal so much that she named it “Dongler.”

After he made Dongler, a lot more followed. Since then, the company has grown so fast. At first, they were only created from children’s artwork, then they evolved to creating book characters for authors too.

In fact, they also made sports team mascots including Petsies and Selfies that are based on pictures of people or their pets.

Melissa, Budsie’s representative said, “In the beginning, most of the orders were of kids’ drawings, doodles, and other artwork. Now, we see everything from a child’s first drawing, to detailed original characters, author’s book characters, sports team mascots, and more.

The idea is truly limitless, and that’s what makes Budsies so special.”

The Budsies’ website explains that they have already created over 76,000 Budsies since their first every toy in 2013. They have also catered to clients from over 60 countries who have ordered custom pieces from them.

Right now, Budsies offers custom plushies and everything starts at $99. The cost will also depend upon your requests especially with the size and the materials used. The plush toys can be made from “super soft plush” or it can also have “faux fur” or custom embroidery.

People cannot get enough of these plush toys. When asked, Melissa described the reaction of those people that they have made plush toys for. She said, “We’ve had people cry, scream, lots of hugging their Budsies, and people who are just speechless. We’ve also made Budsies in honor of someone who has passed, and those are very emotional reactions that really touch our entire Budsies team and community.”

She also added that they have included a program called “Budsies Pals” where they are working with healthcare providers to give Budsies to kids who will greatly benefit from these huggable plushies. She also explained that some of the Budsies that they made are from drawings of kids who unfortunately passed away, and the Budsies are given to the family.


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