God does not allow pain to appear in your life without a purpose!

You will have moments when you will consider that you are wronged, when you will go through very difficult moments … and it is not about the high school dramas in which the boy / girl of your dreams goes out with someone else. There will be times when you will go through real fire tests … and you will get out of each of them, even if not as you want, but you will understand something from each one.


God does not allow pain to occur in your life without Him having a plan with you. He loves each of us and wants to make us new people. We will learn throughout our lives that we are important to Him, but He will not let us take the world for granted. He will teach us what humility is, give the soul true peace, and stand by us at all times.


Our lives have ups and downs, but each of them has a purpose. Maybe things will not happen exactly the way we want them to, but the way God wants them to be, and this is the best thing that can happen to us. Pain appears with a purpose in our lives … it often strengthens us, it often teaches us what humility is. This is how we learn that we alone cannot do without God’s help. Well, what can we want more than to support Him in any action?


All our trust must be in Him. Once we know Him, we will receive Him into our lives and we will understand how honored we are that He gives us the opportunity to ask for His help, we will see everything more clearly. He is the only one who will never disappoint us, who will never leave us out … because he loves us so much that He gave His life for us. Once we understand this, we will become new people. Anytime and anywhere we can ask Him to help us, because He does not give us more than we can take and He is always ready to come to our aid!


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