Give up insecurity!

Why are many of us insecure today? Why don’t we trust our own strengths? Why do we disregard ourselves? Why don’t we see that this world does not need perfect people and that we are not able to offer perfection? Why do we never settle for what we can, but complain that we can’t? Why do we face major depressions?


We often tend to take ourselves more seriously than necessary. That’s why we think people around us do the same … whether we’re talking about colleagues, friends or bosses. The truth is that no one cares too much about what you do, how you do it or how perfect you look. You should see how much beauty lies in you, that only God has put a part of Him in you. Thank Him for what you are and what you can do.


He fights for the better, but he does not fight to please others. You are you. Stop worrying about what you don’t know or can’t and enjoy what you can. There aren’t too many people who really care about who you really are if they don’t benefit from you, and often who you are will disappoint them because they don’t fit their expectations exactly. Why would this bring you down? Why ignore this when in fact it may not even represent you?


Insecurity has nothing to look for in your life, no matter how many and severe your troubles are. You are human, you will not be able to be perfect, because you do not have to be. As long as you have God by your side, you have nothing to fear. You don’t have to let anyone else tell you who you should be. Insecurity is not a part of your life as long as you do not allow it to occur.


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