Former President Jimmy Carter’s Condition

It has been a year since former President Jimmy Carter entered hospice care, and his family recently provided an update on his condition. This update was shared by his grandson Jason Carter on CBS Sunday Morning.

Despite facing end-of-life care for the past 12 months, President Carter was able to attend his wife’s funeral, leaving many in tears. During the service, he was draped in a black and white blanket that symbolized their enduring love and marriage. The blanket featured a portrait of Rosalynn and Jimmy with the text “The Carters” and “Est. 1885” embroidered on it, paying tribute to the town where they first met as children: Plains, Georgia.

At 98 years old, President Carter is the oldest living president and has dealt with various health issues over the years. He successfully battled brain cancer in 2015 and underwent brain surgery in 2019 to relieve pressure. Despite these challenges, Carter’s spirit remains strong and resilient.

According to a statement from The Carter Center, President Carter has chosen to spend his remaining time surrounded by his family and receiving hospice care instead of pursuing additional medical interventions. His family and medical team fully support this decision.

Jimmy Carter is not only a former president but also a retired peanut farmer, US Navy Lieutenant, and Sunday School teacher. He has been a dedicated volunteer for Habitat for Humanity and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002. Currently residing in Plains, Georgia, with his wife Rosalynn, President Carter is the proud father of four children.

The Carter family appreciates the love and support they have received and would like to express their gratitude for the privacy they have been given during this challenging time. They are heartened by the fact that President Carter’s decision to enter hospice care has sparked important conversations across the country.

Let us continue to keep Jimmy Carter and his family in our thoughts and prayers as they stand together during this particularly difficult period.

Prayers for Jimmy Carter as His Foundation Makes Grim Announcement – February 18, 2023 – News – By Sara Vallone


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