Fans are worried after seeing a recent video of Katy Perry

Fans are worried after seeing a recent video of Katy Perry, despite the fact that the singer consistently delivers a performance that steals the show onstage.

The video shows Katy unsuccessfully trying to open her right eye, which gives the impression that one side of her face is paralyzed. Fans were left wondering what was going on when they saw the singer constantly tapping at the side of her face.

It gave the impression that she was trying to wake up the area of her face that was paralyzed.

One of the singer’s fans has posed the question, “Is the 38-year-old suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome?” Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is the illness that Justin Bieber had earlier this year; it caused half of his face to freeze, which prevented him from performing.

Other fans made the reasonable assumption that Katy was having problems with her eyelash glue, posting things like “Just looks like her lash got stuck” and “When that lash glow isn’t quite dry and you close your eyes…” in response to the video.

However, it seems that the argument that Katy was simply playing up to her “wonk eye,” which is quite popular with her audience, is the most plausible reason.

In one episode of American Idol, the mother-one-of shared her experience with a competitor, saying, “I have a wonk eye as well, and I used to be scared about it.” Then a group of people who were admirers of mine established a fandom because of my wonky eye.

“I am even a part of a fandom that refers to itself as ‘Katy’s wonk-eye.’

That would be my right eye. Therefore, you should rejoice in all of it. It’s nothing to be concerned about.”

In 2011, she disclosed that the condition became worse “whenever I shoot pictures,” and that she had been prescribed medication to help reduce the discomfort associated with it.


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