Eye for an eye … maybe that’s why the world is so blind.

Eye for eye and tooth for tooth … so simply we call revenge. It seems that it is becoming easier to accept our role as a victim, but to return the “favors” so as not to leave our pride uncomfortable.


That is why we may forget to look with the eyes of the soul. Of course, human reason gives us all the rights to defend ourselves, to return what we receive … and so we forget to be human, to feed our souls. This is how we fill ourselves with venom and forget that there is Someone who will do us justice better and you are right than we would ever succeed.


We do not miss the opportunity to pay with the same currency, regardless of whether it will cause pain or not …. that we just can not be left without justice and uncompromising pride. Is this the way God wants us to be? Should we forget how to forgive and fight to make our own laws to apply?


I think that these eyes are the reason why the world is slowly becoming more and more blind. We slowly forget what are the real reasons that deserve our fight and we relate to revenge, hatred and anger … Is this the warning we need to throw at the world for peace to reign in our lives? What about the forgiveness and forgetting of evil?


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