Evil happens when good people are silent.

Some good people have a less good habit: shut up. I am silent when I see injustice around them, I am silent when I see that everything is falling apart, even if it could have said something. Why? Because they don’t want to upset, offend, and often don’t realize that their words would change for the better.


Folks, because I know you are a lot, at least try to do good in this way, because your words can help both the unjust and the one who commits that injustice! You can help a person who does not question his behavior to change for the better! You may not realize it, but the power of words is enormous. Maybe you won’t change the world completely, but maybe you’ll make a man a little better.


An injustice that you see clearly and let go without reacting in any way is an injustice that you allow … if a sincere opinion from you changed anything? My dear ones, we need to talk from time to time! There is no lack of common sense, there is no rebellion, there is no resistance! The fact that you do not react in any way when you can do good is complacency.


It’s much easier to accept and swallow dry, but it doesn’t help! The fact that you tolerate injustice without moving a finger in the conditions in which you could do something denotes indifference, but also a lot of fear … And for what? Because we could fail an exam? Because I miss a promotion? Because our child is at risk of receiving a low grade? The education we received probably taught us to respect those who lead us, but the fact that we do it blindly, that we accept anything from them is completely different … and it is painful, because we accept ideas that we do not agree with. , because we become other people!

I know for sure that there are times when silence is our best ally, but there are also times when we need to act!


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