Everyone laughed at him for still bringing flowers to his ex-wife

This American family is serving as a model for how a contemporary mixed partnership should behave, and they are doing so admirably.

Billy Flynn Gadbois, who lives in Boston, offered an explanation of his actions on a Facebook page titled “Love What Matters.” He explained why, on the occasion of his ex-birthday, wife’s he had his children bring her birthday cards and flowers.

The good-hearted person shared that he is frequently questioned about the reason why he maintains a positive relationship with his ex-wife despite the fact that they are no longer married.

In a statement that was both intelligent and informative, which Billy posted on the motivational Facebook group, he noted that as a father, he was obligated to set a positive example for his sons regarding how women should be treated and that it was his responsibility to do so.

According to the post, today is the birthday of my ex-wife, so I got up early, brought flowers, cards, and a gift over for the kids to give her, and helped the kids prepare her breakfast.

As is customary, someone inquired as to why in heck I continue to do things for her on a regular basis. This irks me to no end. I’m going to explain everything step by step for all of you.

I am the mother of two young boys. The manner in which I interact with their mother will serve as a model for the way in which my children view and interact with other women, as well as their perspective on romantic partnerships.

Because we are divorced, I believe this to be much more true in my situation. Get your act together if you’re not setting a positive example for your children in terms of how to behave in romantic relationships.

Raise yourself above it and set the standard. This goes beyond what you can control.

Raise decent men. Raise strong women. Please. They are required in our world more than at any other time.


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