End forever with negative words about others, no matter how insignificant and fair it may seem to you.

You probably don’t realize how far your words and thoughts can go. Even if you find it natural to comment on someone’s appearance … either the way they dress or you don’t like the way they are arranged, you should refrain. People around you may not have the same opinions as you, and most likely you are not able to speak. Maybe we don’t all understand beauty in the same way … and in the end, what would be the charm if we all did the same things in the same way?


Look at you first. Rather than rise in glory, compare yourself with those around you, and come to the conclusion that you are the strongest and that you are well, you would see your nose better. Maybe by judging and commenting you are trying to mask a complex, maybe you are trying to feel better in your own skin. What you are doing is extremely wrong! Search inside yourself, search your heart, see what blocks you from sticking to these thoughts!


Don’t fool yourself into telling yourself you’re okay, but try to be okay. What this means? Ask yourself every time you do something if God is proud of you in that second. Remember that He does not judge you, much less you have no right to judge. Take care of your soul, always seek to have something beautiful to say about everyone around you … or shut up, no matter what the altercations were and how you interacted.


If you want to share your opinion with someone else, not with the person in question, you better not say anything just for the sake of saying something. It’s very easy to fall and you think you’re actually very high. Try not to. Instead of a harsh opinion, you better shut up and ask God’s forgiveness for the thoughts that came to you. He will forgive you. Pray for your thoughts and pray to see the good around you … because your bad thoughts will reach the people in question, even if not in the way you expect and will affect them in some way. which will not honor you. You will be held accountable for these thoughts. Therefore, apologize to them before it is too late.


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