Elton John Reveals Insightful Testimony on Michael Jackson’s Struggles

In his captivating memoir, legendary singer Elton John opens up about his close friendship with the late Michael Jackson, shedding light on the toll that fame took on the iconic pop star’s mental health. According to John, Jackson’s skyrocketing fame led to the development of what he describes as a “mental illness.”

A Charming Friendship That Took a Dark Turn

At the start of their friendship, a young Michael Jackson captivated Elton John with his undeniable charm. John fondly remembers the 13-year-old Jackson as “the most charming youngster you could imagine.” However, as the years passed and Jackson’s fame reached unprecedented heights, John witnessed a heartbreaking transformation in his friend.

The Harsh Reality of Celebrity

Much like the tragic fate of Elvis Presley, Jackson seemed to disconnect from reality and the outside world. John recalls, “Every time I saw him as an adult, I assumed he had completely lost his mind. God alone knows what was going on in his head, and why he was so full of medication.” The toll of fame became apparent, leaving John disturbed by the state of his once-vibrant friend.

Unveiling Jackson’s Struggles

In a recent revelation, Elton John highlights Jackson’s declaration of being mentally ill and burdensome to others. At one of John’s parties, where Jackson was invited, he wandered off and was found playing with the housekeeper’s son, a stark reminder of his struggle to relate to adults. John admits, “For whatever reason, he couldn’t bear being among adults.”

Through his memoir, John shares intimate details about his own life as well, delving into his complex relationship with his late mother Sheila Farebrother. The singer opens up about his challenging upbringing and acknowledges that he did not have the warmest bond with his mother’s husband, David Furnish, with whom she shares two sons, Zachary (8) and Elijah (6).

Reflecting on the absence of a relationship between his mother and her grandchildren, John admits, “I’m glad they didn’t know her because they would have experienced the same pain she inflicted on me.”

An Empathetic Testimony

Elton John’s testimony offers a unique perspective on the struggles faced by the late Michael Jackson, shedding light on the damaging effects of fame on one’s mental well-being. Through his heartfelt and insightful memoir, John provides an empathetic glimpse into the lives of these two iconic figures.


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