Elderly woman walked into the beauty salon looking for a makeup

The old woman entered the BEAUTY SALON and asked for a make-up: “I know I’m ugly, I want something simple, to remember my youth.” When she finally saw what she looked like she started to cry! Here is her incredible transformation.

There comes a time in our life when we dedicate all our strength to make those around us happy and forget about ourselves. And then, something that turns our world upside-down happens and we realize we’ve been neglecting the most important person in our life – ourselves – for so long.

And then, we feel the urge to experience certain change. Whether it’s a new hair color, or getting rid of the old skirts, we know we have to fight the dullness that has somehow become part of our everyday life.

An elderly woman who is sharing her beautiful story felt this urge and decided to walk inside a beauty salon.

“I know that I am not the most beautiful and that I do not look good at all. I don’t want to eat you for a long time, I just want a simple make-up, to remind me of my youth. It will be a little relief for me,” she told the staff at the place.

Realizing she was longing for a change in her appearance, the girls working at the salon decided they needed to make the woman’s wish true so they got their hands busy and provided various face and hair treatments before they dyed her hair and put makeup on her face.

When she saw herself in the mirror, the woman couldn’t believe her eyes. Her transformation, which swept away 10 years off her face, was jaw-dropping.

Judging from the photos, she now seems way happier and way more satisfied with herself.

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