Elderly Man Whispers “I know you can’t hear me, but I love you” To His Wife In Her Coffin

Plenty of brokenhearted individuals claim that they find it heart to believe in true love. They think that because of their failed relationships, it would be impossible for them to find their “forever.”

This amazing story will definitely make you see what true love really is.

A writer shared with “Love What Matters” the face of love that he personally witnessed. He started the story with these words:

“Today, I witnessed a story of love. Not the type of love shared by young people who are half full of passion, topped off with hormones.”

The writer further explained that this is not the typical puppy love or the dewy love that newlyweds experience. This is the real “happy ever after.” We know that it is a known fact that many marriages these days end up in divorce.

Promises and vows are broken and it is very rare for anyone to find true love. Rare but still very possible.

The writer saw a broken man that day, standing vigil over the love of his life.

The man walked into the room, and though his steps are small and faulty, he was determined to reach his destination. At the front of the room, a steel gray casket say under the colored lights.

Half of the casket’s lid was propped open while the other closed half was filled with mix-matched flowers and beautifully adorned with ribbons with words written on them – “WIFE” and “MOTHER.”

The man approached the casket, leaned down, and kissed her painted lips while his weak and frail body is trembling to keep him upright. He gently whispered these words:

“I know you can’t hear me… But, I love you.”

These surely are words that have been spoken for millions of times, but this time, it evident that this is the last time that he will utter these words.

Then his tears fell.

Visitation for the family is not yet scheduled for another hour, but this man came early. He will not let these last few hours pass. She had been by his side for over 60 years, but 6 decades will never be enough for the both of them.

He pulled up a chair and sat beside her for the longest time that day.

A cane was keeping him up on his right, while his lovely wife on the casket was on his left. He sat there with her for nearly an hour, rubbing her arms and patted her hands. A gesture of comfort, not for her, but for himself.

This loving man didn’t care that her skin was cold and her body was stiff. It didn’t even bother him that she will not be able to respond to his words anymore.

This might have been a normal scene for anyone, but for him, it was painful.

When the rest of the family and friends started to arrive, he was still staying by her side, holding her hand, and stroking her hair.

“She looks good, doesn’t she?”

He would say to anyone who approached his wife to pay respect. The writer said, “Never had I seen a man so broken, robbed of his happiness by the curse of death. I wondered as I watched him, what would he do tomorrow and the day after that?”

On that day, it would still be easy for him, but the very next day, he would not be able to touch or kiss her anymore after she is laid deep in the ground. He would return home, to their home where her memory would linger forever.

“Today, I witnessed a story of love. And I shall witness it again tomorrow when the story finally ends, and the stage is empty, and the lights go dark.”


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