Dunkin’ Donuts: Adjustments to Store Locations, Same Dedication to Customers

Dunkin’ Donuts has long been a beloved coffee shop and bakery, satisfying locals’ caffeine cravings for years. With outlets on nearly every street corner in New England, it has become a convenient go-to spot for many. However, the company recently made an announcement that it will be closing 450 of its establishments situated within Speedway stores along the east coast.

Dunkin' Donuts

The closure of these locations means that individuals who are used to grabbing a donut or coffee while refueling their vehicles might have to settle for lower-quality gas station coffee and prepackaged donuts, instead of Dunkin’s signature offerings. While this news may disappoint some loyal customers, it’s important to understand the reasoning behind this decision.

The Dunkin’ branches situated within gas stations have contributed only minimally to the company’s revenue, accounting for less than 0.5 percent of Dunkin’s domestic sales in 2019. With this in mind, Kate Japson, the company’s chief financial officer, made the strategic decision to shut down these locations and redirect resources into more profitable outlets.

Japson explained, “By discontinuing these sites, with minimal financial repercussions, we anticipate positioning ourselves better to serve these trade areas in the future with new Dunkin’ NextGen restaurants that offer an expanded menu.”

Currently, Dunkin’ operates a total of 9,600 locations across its chain, providing ample opportunities for customers to enjoy their coffee and refuel their vehicles. While the decision to close down some outlets might present challenges, especially in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Dunkin’ is committed to enhancing customer experiences through various avenues.

Dunkin’ Brands’ CEO, Dave Hoffman, highlighted the company’s dedication to serving its customers by providing drive-thru locations, mobile ordering, and delivery partnerships with platforms like GrubHub. Even during these challenging times, Dunkin’ aims to remain a source of comfort and convenience for individuals.

Hoffman emphasized, “For over 70 years, Dunkin’ has been an integral part of the communities we serve, keeping America running and taking care of our guests. Amidst the uncertainty, we’re continuing to be there for people by taking additional measures to offer comfort during these challenging times.”

So, while Dunkin’ is making adjustments to its store locations, rest assured that the company is still committed to serving its loyal customers and providing them with the best coffee experience possible. With a focus on new restaurant concepts and innovative ways to serve customers, Dunkin’ is determined to remain a beloved local spot for years to come.


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