Drew Barrymore’s Charming Kitchen: A Celebrity Embracing Simplicity

Drew Barrymore has always been adored by her fans for her iconic acting roles, fun personality, and intimate interviews on The Drew Barrymore Show. But recently, there’s something else that her fans have fallen in love with: her kitchen.

In a video shared on Tuesday, April 16, Drew Barrymore showcased her spring cleaning skills in her kitchen. As she walked around the space, she exclaimed, “It’s spring cleaning, everybody! Look at that now-empty drawer. How can I edit?” She then proceeded to show two more empty drawers that she had wiped clean, cheerfully exclaiming, “Spring cleaning edit!”

While many fans appreciated the organization of her cabinets, it was her trusty oven that caught their attention. In a world where celebrities often have fancy state-of-the-art ovens, Drew Barrymore’s more modest one has struck a chord with her fans. “A real used kitchen. I think Drew might be an original,” commented one user, while another said, “When you love Drew even more because of her stove!” Fans praised her humble stove, with one person writing, “Your stove is so down-to-earth.”

But it’s not just the oven that fans are in love with. They also appreciate the overall “normal” feel of her kitchen. In the video, viewers can see that she doesn’t have a fancy drawer dedicated to spices. Instead, she has a mounted spice rack nestled in the left corner of the wall. One fan summed up the general response, saying, “Drew! Your kitchen is so relatable, just like the rest of us. Love this!”

This isn’t the first time that Drew Barrymore has invited fans into her home. She has previously shared glimpses of her life in other videos, where she expressed her love for “staying in.” Fans have been obsessed with the down-to-earth feel of her house, complete with a medium-sized walk-in closet, racks of clothing, a dresser, and photos of her daughters.

Drew Barrymore’s approach to her kitchen and home resonates with many. It’s refreshing to see a celebrity embracing the simplicity and charm of a humble kitchen. Drew Barrymore reminds us that sometimes, it’s the little things that make a house feel like a home.


Spring Cleaning! It’s time to edit!

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