Donald Trump’s Nephew Frederick III Set to Release Tell-All Memoir About Trump Family

Donald Trump’s Nephew Fred C. Trump III Set to Release Tell-All Memoir About Trump Family

Frederick C. Trump III is set to release a revealing memoir about the Trump family’s hidden secrets on July 30.

Fred C. Trump III, nephew to Donald Trump, is opening up about his family in a new memoir titled All in the Family: The Trumps and How We Got This Way, set to hit the shelves on July 30, as announced by Gallery Books.

The release of this book comes while Donald Trump continues his campaign for a second term as President, following his conviction on 34 felony counts related to an unlawful scheme.

Though Fred III has largely stayed out of the public eye, he now aims to shed light on his experiences growing up with Donald Trump as his uncle, sharing stories that have never been told before.

Fred III stated, “Silence is golden only where there is nothing that needs to be said,” in a press release about his upcoming book.

In the memoir, Fred III will discuss his relationship with his uncle Donald Trump, aged 77, and his late grandfather, Frederick Christ Trump Sr. He will also offer insights into life at the White House and explore the family’s win-at-all-costs mentality, which ultimately led to a rift as he sought to protect his own family.

Fred III will also provide details on how the family’s damaging attitudes endangered the health and safety of his son, William, who was diagnosed with developmental disabilities. His book aims to reveal the darker aspects of the Trump family.

Fred III is the son of Donald Trump’s older brother, Frederick Christ “Freddy” Trump Jr. (1938-1981), and his wife, Linda Clapp. Additionally, Fred III has a sister named Mary Trump.

Freddy Trump Jr. had a strained relationship with his father, which continued to impact his children after his death. Fred Sr. excluded Fred Jr. and his descendants from his will, leading Fred III and Mary to file a lawsuit. This action angered Donald Trump, who responded by cutting medical benefits to his nephew’s family. The lawsuit was eventually settled.

Mary Trump, similarly to Fred III, published a tell-all book about the family titled Too Much and Never Enough in July 2020. This release was met with legal opposition from her uncle Robert Trump and Donald Trump, who argued that Mary violated a confidentiality agreement.

Former President Donald Trump claimed Mary was not allowed to publish her book due to a nondisclosure agreement, resulting in a temporary restraining order against her.

Fred III’s memoir, All in the Family: The Trumps and How We Got This Way, will be available on July 30 from Gallery Books and can be preordered now wherever books are sold.


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