Dog won’t leave baby’s side while she sleeps – when parents learn the reason why, they call the police

That dog is man’s best friend has been proved many times. These animals are the most loyal companions one can ever ask for.

A dog named Benji, who seemed to be overprotective when it came to the newest addition to the family, worried the little one’s parents.

In fact, Benji acted strangely even when his human mommy, Jessy, was pregnant with baby Lily. They even took him to the vet to see if everything was okay with him and see why he was acting so strangely. The vet assured them that there was nothing wrong with Benji, he was just looking forward to meeting his human sister.

When Lily was welcomed into the world, Benji wouldn’t spend a minute away from her, and no matter how much Jessy and her husband David loved the attention their daughter received, they thought that their furry pal was a little bit more protective than they wanted him to be.

Benji never left Lily to sleep all by herself, he was always there watching her, whether it was during the day or during the night.

However, what puzzled David was that their dog was getting anxious whenever Jessy’s best friend Anne was around. Anne was by Jessy’s side during her pregnancy, and she even offered to babysit the baby whenever they were in need of a helping hand.

So, when David brought up the question, Jessy got mad. She didn’t want her friend to be accused of anything, because she was the first person Jessy turned to when she was in need of a friend during the past couple of years.

Since Benji was getting particularly anxious during the night, David decided to install security cameras in Lily’s room. When Anne heard of it, she asked why he would do that, which had David thinking even more.

Was Anne doing anything to Lily? Was that the reason Benji didn’t like her? If so, the dog wouldn’t be that anxious at night, when Anne wasn’t around. There were so many questions messing up David’s mind, and he couldn’t find the answer no matter how much he tried.

Days passed by, and David didn’t notice anything strange after reviewing the footage. But then, he realized that the videos the camera captured during the night were compromised.

He then decided to make a separate encrypted backup every day for the night recordings, and what he saw chilled his blood. Someone was entering Lily’s room through the window during the night.

The following day, they alerted the police. However, not being able to clearly see the person entering the baby’s room it was hard to identify him or her. When the police entered Lily’s room, Benji wouldn’t stop barking at a wall.

He was even pointing toward it. The officers decided to break it and see whether there was anything inside it. When they cracked the wall open, they spotted a safe. Inside, there was money, some jewelry, and a number of documents and passports. In each of them, under a different name, there was a photo of Anne.

But where was she? Anne was nowhere to be found when the police wanted to question her.

When they checked her photo in their database, they realized that Anne was in fact a woman named Elizabeth, who was wanted for espionage in seven countries.

The reason she infiltrated the lives of Jessy and David was that David worked as the director of the national security company. He had access to the entire national security grid and Elizabeth had probably been hired by a rival company to get access to the data David possessed.

Thanks to Benji, a mystery was solved, and the family was saved from the damage Elizabeth could have easily caused.

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