Do you want to change something for the better? Perfect! Start by accepting your life as it is!

It matters a lot to set some milestones in our lives. Those landmarks will guide us on the path we must follow. With a purpose, any deviation will no longer seem so tempting, because the end result will always stand as a motivation for our efforts.


We all have a path created by God before we were born, and once we decide to choose that path, we will see that life is much more beautiful than we have ever dreamed. However, in order to be well, we need to go through a bit of our past and present under a thorough analysis and find out who we really are, what were the decisions that brought us here, to a point that does not suit us and where we decided we needed to change something.


The past cannot be changed. I, for one, would have really liked at some point to have a remote control to help me scroll through time so that I could change something, but it’s not possible … so I took everything as it is … A I had to fall for God to lift me up, to show me how strong I am if I have Him close. And I love that.


Mistakes pay off, but we must not despair. The fact that we are down right now can change if we really want to. But for that, we need to be aware of where we are, we need to accept that our inaccurate decisions have brought us here, and we need to be determined to work. It is not difficult, and if we ask God to guide and change us, it will be a pleasure, and the difficulties that will come will be much easier to bear. We try?


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