Do you know that if you did not deny your mistakes, but assumed them, you would have something to learn from them?

No one was born perfect and I believe that no one will ever be perfect, because the better you research as a person, the more things you need to change in yourself. I think that when you get up on a pedestal and you think you’re the best, then you actually have most of the problems you have to take care of. Man is subject to error, unfortunately … and no matter how hard he tries to do good, at some point he will still have a moment to escape.


Those moments are normal, they are human, they come just to wake us up to reality. They show us that we have more work to do as human beings, that we need to research and see what we need to change to be a little better. I think we should receive those blows with an open heart, because they appear to help us, because God has His ways to tell us what He wants from us. But we, because we choose to close our eyes many times, often prefer to ignore our mistakes, to find mitigating circumstances, explanations, to find fault in those around us, for making us wrong. This is much more convenient for us.


It is much harder to admit that you were wrong, to try to get up from the ground and change something in yourself than to indulge and consider that you are on the right track. In those moments, it is very likely that something in your soul will give you some signals, that you did not do well, that you are not on the right track, and if you hear and prefer to ignore that voice, you find yourself guilty of indifference.


It’s not hard to think at all. Even if you are the main character (which can be very gentle with you or judge you more harshly than you should), you need to get out of the box a little and look at things objectively. If you don’t know how, think about it if your actions would have bothered you if they had been done by someone else. If the answer is yes, don’t bother to find excuses, but try to correct yourself. That way you will only learn something and next time you will be able to prove that you have become a better person.


The fact that you take on your mistakes and do your best not to repeat them is a proof of maturity and understanding of life as it really is, with good and bad. We have nothing to fear from error as long as we are willing to learn something from it and not let it pass us by as if nothing had ever happened.


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