Do we need a vacation to make time to love?

Among the tons of papers we have to deal with, among the dozens of dealers, among the many things we have to take care of at home, ourselves …. when to have time for a second person … to do we love her, listen to her, understand her, appreciate her?


I forgot! How do we cope, with this extremely busy schedule, with our own thoughts? How to get home and relax after a hard day? That we only have to finish other projects, that we only have to allocate a good part of the memory to the problems of colleagues, friends, things that we consider that do not support postponement …. and how to forget the care we have to take to the appearance our exterior, that we just have to be presentable every time we leave the house?


When do we remember and what do we really need? When should we think of another man, with whom we can share both good and evil? On vacation? Maybe in those few weeks that we don’t have to spend working, we realize that it would be nice to have someone by our side … but this thought passes quickly … that we have to go back to our daily schedule.


The truth is that you don’t have to make time for love separately. When you love, you love non-stop, it becomes a part of you. Lovingly, we realize that anything can be solved, because any worry is actually solved if we do not panic, but if we take two steps back and look from the outside. The man next to us, if he is the right one, will never be an obstacle in the way of our dreams and plans, but will support us no matter how much extra work he has to put in. We will do the same, and we will never see it as a chore …. because we love.


We can love peacefully all year round, we don’t need excuses, postponements, to say “YES” to the man we know we want with us. But it takes a lot of courage. We need dedication, investment and a lot of love, which will fulfill our life. I think it’s worth the effort to add another “care” to the very large list we already have …. but for that, we must not look for excuses, not to avoid this, finding as a pretext limited time which we have at our disposal …. but that’s just my opinion … what do you say?


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