Do not use your body as a tool for seduction, because those who will accept it will never want more from you

Men look with their eyes before the mind and the soul … In the world we live in, it is obvious that until we come to appreciate what really matters, we must pass the physical tests. I don’t know if it’s right or not, but that’s the truth and we all seem to be following this pattern.


Ladies, although a man’s eyes are the ones we come in contact with for the first time, we should not take this fact too seriously. Gentlemen become very friendly when we show our availability through various gestures or attitudes, that’s clear … but still, do you think this is the best approach? Is that what we want to inspire in them? Do we value ourselves so little that we have nothing to offer but the body?


Looking at things very objectively, we can draw a very clear and common sense conclusion: use your body to get what you want from them, use your body to prove to yourself that you are good, but don’t be surprised when no one none of those whom you have brought to you by this trump will be there when you need him, none will dare to give you credit. And who could blame them? Who would want someone next to them who was very easy to conquer, both them and the rest of the men? What more would she want from a woman if she showed them everything she had to offer from the beginning? Who can condemn them?


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