Do not envy other people for their lives. You may cry for your life now if you end up like them

You don’t know everything about a man, no matter how well you think you know him. Even if in your eyes someone has a perfect life, it is possible to fight very hard at home, with worries or even with himself. You have no way of knowing what he faces on a daily basis, you have no way of knowing what is hidden in his heart, you have no way of knowing what he has to go through or what sacrifices he has to make to leave the appearances. you make. see.


Never envy for money. Don’t cry for cars, clothes, accessories or I don’t know what nonsense that doesn’t really enrich you. Fight for yourself, not to show others that you have certain things that steal your eye … because they are actually worthless, but they are a trap for many people who forget that they are really important things to fight for. life …


You have no way of knowing what sacrifices and worries those people you admire so much must carry every day. You have no way of knowing if when they get home, they are calm and happy with their lives. You don’t know if they have someone to talk to during the day, you have no way of knowing if before bed they relax or are scared that they have to sleep alone again.


You may be wrong if you choose to change your worries with others. You may later regret that you wanted a certain lifestyle, which you received. Take great care and trust God, let Him make His plans with you and you do the part you have to do! I don’t think there is a better way to live!


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