Do not bother to keep who wants to leave and do not reject who wants to come …

There are people put in your life only for a certain period of time, shorter or longer. Likewise, there are people who will stay with you forever, who have an extremely important role in your life. There are people you are going to meet in circumstances where you may not even suspect that you may ever be.


There are people who have to come into your life and there are people who have to come out of your life to make you happy. Everyone has a role that you don’t know, but God does. Everyone has come to teach you, to harden you, or to love you … and often neither they nor you are aware of the reason. At some point you will be put in the situation of leaving people who have represented enormously for you for so many years … because your paths have parted and everyone has to leave to fulfill their calling. Maybe your conceptions and values ​​will change and what brought you closer now will make you go the other way … and it hurts.


Once you struggle to keep someone in your life who has to leave, the fight is in vain, because you will only prolong the inevitable. People change as they get to know themselves and choose whether or not to follow the same path as yours. Even if you see that the road they are leaving will hurt them, you can only warn them. All you can do is leave them in God’s Hand and pray that He will always take care of them.


Some people will teach you hard lessons by hurting you. They will make you suffer and you may see later that those people did you good too because they made you know more about the world … and you saw that things are not exactly rosy. These people need to be forgiven, but they may leave you hurting that will make you reluctant to accept other people into your life. Pray to God to heal those wounds!


There are people who will make you happy. Don’t be afraid, it’s never too late to learn happiness, to do good. Let the people who want to be with you be with you. Do not be stubborn to suffer, but give people a chance to show you that here on earth you have brothers, even if you are alone with your parents. Don’t stop people from approaching you. Give the best of yourself and don’t expect a reward from anyone … but be happy if you get it. That’s how you’ll figure out who to keep, whether it’s new or old.


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