Did Kate Middleton Really Meet Princess Diana? Fact-Checking The Crown Scene

The Crown, the hit Netflix series, has captivated audiences with its portrayal of the royal family. In the latest season, we see a flashback where Kate Middleton meets Princess Diana and Prince William. But how accurate is this scene? Let’s fact-check it.

The Fortuitous Moment

In episode 7 of the sixth season, titled “Alma Mater,” we’re taken back to December 1996. In this scene, Princess Diana is selling The Big Issue magazine for charity alongside her son Prince William. Meanwhile, a young Kate and her mother, Carole Middleton, are holiday dress shopping. Kate stops to buy an issue from Diana, who asks for her name and instructs William to say thank you to Kate. The scene ends with a thrilled Kate cutting out magazine photos of William to hang on her bedroom wall.

The Truth

Despite what The Crown depicts, Kate Middleton never had the opportunity to meet her mother-in-law. Both Kate and William have spoken about this. After their 2011 royal wedding, William mentioned how difficult it was not having his mother there. He expressed how sad it was for her to miss such an important moment. William also stated that his mother would have loved the day and that she would have been proud. Reflecting on never meeting Diana, Kate shared that Diana would have been a wonderful grandmother to their children, and they miss her every day.

Kate’s Infatuation with Prince William

The Crown suggests that Kate had posters of Prince William on her bedroom wall and was a big fan of his. While this makes for an intriguing storyline, it isn’t entirely accurate. In an engagement interview, when asked about the posters, William humorously responded that there were around twenty. Kate quickly debunked this claim, saying, “He wishes! No, I had the Levi’s guy on my wall, not a picture of William. Sorry!”

How Kate Middleton and Prince William Met

Just like the rumors surrounding the posters, there are various versions of how Kate and William first met. According to the couple themselves, they met during their first year at the University of St. Andrews in 2001. They started as friends and eventually began dating after over a year of friendship. While they were initially seeing other people, their shared interests and good times together solidified their bond.

The Crown may take creative liberties with historical events, but the truth is just as fascinating. Although Kate never had the chance to meet Princess Diana, her presence is felt through the love and admiration that both Kate and William have for her. Their love story continues to captivate the world, and the enduring spirit of Diana lives on through them.


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