Dennis Quaid: Finding Faith and Sobriety

When faced with life’s challenges, many of us turn to our faith for guidance and hope. This rings true for Dennis Quaid, the renowned actor and musician, who credits his faith for saving him from a life of addiction. At 69 years old, Quaid reflects on his journey with gratitude, emphasizing the importance of savoring the ride of life despite its ups and downs.

Quaid’s struggles with addiction are a common thread in many lives. Despite his initial success in his career, his addiction led him down a dangerous path. Realizing the severity of his situation, he decided to check himself into rehab, what he humorously refers to as “cocaine school.” It was during this time that Quaid had a profound revelation, envisioning a future of either death, jail, or losing everything he had. Determined to change his course, he sought out the fulfillment that addiction had failed to provide.

For Quaid, the answer was found in his faith. He expressed his newfound connection to a higher power through music, writing a touching song for his mother as an affirmation of his wellbeing. Engaging in deep introspection, he delved into religious texts such as the Bible and Quran, fostering a personal relationship with his faith that had previously been absent, despite his Christian upbringing.

Today, Quaid’s relationship with his faith remains strong. In fact, he is set to release his new album, titled Fallen: A Gospel Record For Sinners. Quaid emphasizes that his music is not confined to the traditional confines of religion; it is self-reflective and honest, appealing to one’s personal journey of spiritual exploration.

Faith, for Quaid, fills the void that addiction once occupied in his life. He acknowledges that addiction is often rooted in a search for joy, but warns that drugs and alcohol offer only temporary solace, leading to deeper problems. What truly brings joy is the innate gift of being alive and embracing our relationship with a higher power, regardless of religious affiliation.

Quaid’s story is an inspiration to those facing their own battles with addiction, demonstrating that choosing sobriety is a courageous and life-transforming decision. His unwavering faith has been a constant source of support, guiding him on this remarkable journey. Let us share his story to encourage others on their own path towards faith and recovery.


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