Defying Ageism: The Fabulous 74-Year-Old Model Who Inspires Confidence

Colleen Heidemann, at 74 years old, is a fashionista who refuses to let ageism dictate her style. In a world that says her trendy outfits are “not age appropriate,” she confidently showcases her incredible physique that she works hard to maintain. Colleen started her modeling career at the age of 68 and even graced the cover of Vogue six years later. Inspired by iconic beauties like Jacqueline Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Elizabeth Taylor, she stands against ageism every day.

In an interview with DSCENE, Colleen sheds light on the unique challenges that women face as they age, particularly with menopause. She believes that this phase should be seen as the “Age of Enlightenment” rather than the “Age of Irrelevance.” It’s a time to appreciate the wonders of life, continue learning, feeling, thinking, experiencing, and most importantly, laughing. Colleen’s positive mindset is a testament to her strength and resilience.

Colleen’s journey from being a flight attendant to a successful model and actor is nothing short of inspiring. She has appeared in films like “Father of Flies” (2021) and the TV series “Last Looks” alongside Dakota Fanning. Colleen admits that she hasn’t always been confident, but with time, experience, and a sincere desire for change, she has blossomed into the positive woman she is today.

With her modest personality and daring styles, Colleen captivates the cyber community. From miniskirts to ripped jeans and thigh-high heels, she fearlessly showcases her fashion choices. She even shares beauty and fashion tips, a reminder that beauty knows no age limit. When asked about her style, Colleen explains that she doesn’t stick to one particular style at this stage of her life. Instead, she chooses a diverse selection that makes her feel confident in her body.

Colleen’s TikTok page has become a sensation with nearly 500,000 followers and over 4.1 million likes. One of her viral videos features the iconic song “Proud Mary” by Tina Turner. The video showcases her getting ready, with her eyes lined in bright blue and her lips painted red. Colleen loves the opportunity to experiment with different makeup looks and challenge herself. Her fans shower her with compliments, recognizing her beauty, grace, elegance, and class.


I just never know the face the makeup will reveal ❤️❤️❤️ And I adore the opportunity of challenging new personalities. Thank you “Proud Mary”. . Makeup by the wonderful @janicedaoud ❣️ . #glamsession #makeuplove #proudmary #styleover70

♬ original sound – Tom Wills

While most fans admire her confidence, there are some who criticize her bold fashion sense. In response to a comment suggesting that her poolside attire was “not appropriate for her age,” Colleen posted a TikTok video, encouraging everyone to wear what makes them feel beautiful. She reminds her followers that every body is a swimsuit body.

Colleen’s authenticity and positive outlook on life are evident in another TikTok video. She struts down the street in an elegant, lacy black outfit, with her white hair tied messily yet glamorously above her head. In the video, she expresses that women her age are strong and shouldn’t be invisible. She proudly declares that she dresses according to her own preferences. Colleen believes that taste, preference, and age are highly individual, which makes the world a fascinating and interesting place.


Addressing the subjects of taste, preference and age are so highly and uniquely individual… which makes this world such a wonderfully remarkably fascinating and interesting place. Freedom to dress as you wish, to be who you are is yours to own❣️❣️❣️ • #fashionover70 #stylesession #styleover70 #dressyourage #dressmyagehowiwant

♬ original sound – Colleen Heidemann

Colleen’s impact on her followers is palpable. She receives comments from fans who are inspired by her confidence and self-love. Many express their hopes of having the same level of confidence one day. Colleen graciously responds to these comments, thanking her supporters and emphasizing the importance of finding something positive in each day.

Colleen Heidemann is a true inspiration to generations of women who find motivation in her defiance of age discrimination. She reminds us that aging should not be feared but embraced. Let’s share her story and show our support for this beautiful human being!


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