Couple Converts American School Bus into Luxury Home: A Family Adventure

Have you ever dreamed of living life on the road, exploring new places, and creating unforgettable memories? Well, that’s exactly what Sam and Rachel Dix from Bristol did! They converted an American yellow school bus into a luxurious mobile home and embarked on an incredible family adventure. And guess what? They even welcomed their baby boy, Bodhi, aboard their unique home on wheels!

Turning a School Bus into a Dream Home

The couple’s journey began when they had a 37 by eight-foot school bus shipped all the way from New York to Southampton and then to a farm in Somerset. This bus, formerly used to transport 72 children, has now become a symbol of their expanding family’s love and adventure. While Sam, a 33-year-old self-employed carpenter, skillfully brought their vision to life, his wife, 32-year-old Rachel, took charge of the bus’s interior design.

A Labor of Love

It was a labor of love that took over six months to complete. They removed the seats and replaced them with splendid wooden flooring, a practical kitchen, a cozy bedroom, and a stylish bathroom. Every inch of their mobile home was thoughtfully designed to create a comfortable and inviting space. From the wooden floors to the use of natural materials and plants, the interior exudes warmth and coziness.

Inspiration and Freedom on Wheels

The couple found inspiration for their new lifestyle by listening to a podcast called the Motorhome Matt podcast. This podcast not only provided insights into buying the perfect motorhome but also shared tips for making money while traveling. The bus became their haven on wheels – a sanctuary where they could enjoy comfort and freedom. They even installed solar panels on the exterior to reduce their electrical bill and have a positive impact on the environment.

A Unique Arrival

The adventure took an extraordinary turn when Rachel went into labor while parked on an organic farm. Sam, always thinking ahead, had installed a light on top of the bus to help the midwives find them in the dark. The midwives arrived at around 8 pm, and just three hours later, Rachel gave birth to their son Bodhi in the cozy living room of their home on wheels. The birth certificate proudly cites ‘American School Bus’ as the place of Bodhi’s arrival, becoming a testament to the unforgettable journey of the Dix family.

Embracing Life and Honoring Memories

Their decision to embark on this adventure was deeply meaningful. It was a tribute to Rachel’s late father, who lost his battle with cancer at the age of 52. By converting the school bus and embracing this unconventional lifestyle, they honor his memory and fully embrace life’s precious moments.

Starting a New Chapter

Since their successful conversion, the Dix family has decided to renovate a third vehicle for even more adventures on the road. As a result, they have put their beloved bus up for sale. Sam has updated the layout and refurbished the interior, making it a perfect fit for another individual or couple ready to embark on their own adventure.

Sam’s friend, Matt Sims, the head of the Motorhome Matt podcast and CEO of The Motorhome Holiday Company, has been an invaluable source of guidance throughout their journey. With 30 years of business experience, Matt believes that there are various ways to make money from a motorhome, from renovations to outsourcing. He encourages everyone to do their research and find the best investment that suits their lifestyle and interests.

A Testament to Sustainable Travel

In addition to their exciting story, the Dix family’s adventure highlights the importance of sustainability and conscious choices while on the road. They have incorporated solar panels to reduce their emissions and save money. According to Matt, we can all take small steps to make a positive impact on the planet while still enjoying the freedom of traveling.

Your Adventure Awaits

So, if you’ve ever dreamed of hitting the road and creating your own unforgettable memories, take some inspiration from Sam and Rachel Dix. Their story proves that with dedication, creativity, and a sense of adventure, you can transform a simple school bus into a luxurious home on wheels. It’s time to embrace the unknown and embark on the adventure of a lifetime!


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