Couple asks neighbor to take kids at 3am, stunned when the answer is ‘no’

Helping out your neighbor in their time of need is something many of us are happy to do. However, sometimes, the request can be a bit too much, and not everyone is willing to go that extra mile.

Read on to discover where this neighbor decided to draw the line…

Going into labor can be a stressful experience, especially for parents who already have other children to care for. When labor happens suddenly, childcare plans can go awry.

Even if some parents have a backup plan, the unexpected onset of labor can throw everything out the window. This particular mother hadn’t planned ahead for who would look after her older children when she had to rush to the hospital. She shared her story on Reddit to get opinions from others.

A 26-year-old mother posted that she had moved into a new apartment block a year ago. Since the building was new, all the neighbors had moved in roughly at the same time, and they were all still getting to know each other.

As the building shared a courtyard where the resident children played together, the young families often did favors for one another. This mother mentioned how she had given other moms baby formula and assisted with other child-related needs. However, she made it clear that she kept her distance and hadn’t formed close friendships.

At the time, her husband was away visiting friends and family, leaving her to take care of their 2-year-old and 11-month-old children by herself.

The mothers in the building have a group to help each other with childcare on a rotating basis. But she was a silent participant and never volunteered because she didn’t want anyone else looking after her children.

She continued that, around 3 a.m. on the previous day, she heard a knock at her door. She didn’t open it immediately because she was alone with her kids and wasn’t expecting visitors at that hour.

When the knocking persisted, she peeped through the door viewer and saw her neighbor, who was nine months pregnant and had just gone into labor. Standing with her boyfriend and a hospital bag, her neighbor asked if she could look after their children for an hour until their aunt arrived.

She declined, citing that she didn’t want the responsibility in case something happened to her neighbor’s children, and she didn’t want to risk waking her own kids.

The neighbor’s children were just one and four years old. The mother said she already had her hands full with her own two kids and didn’t want to add another two to the mix. She also felt that it would be difficult to calm the one-year-old since the child would likely be very attached to their primary caregivers.

The neighbor’s boyfriend became upset and criticized her, questioning how she, as a mother, could refuse to help in their time of need. She believed if her husband had been home, she wouldn’t have been spoken to like that. Seeking advice, she turned to Reddit to see if she had made the right decision.

Many people on Reddit supported her decision. One commenter highlighted that the couple had nine months to plan and seemed to have poorly managed their situation by waiting until the last minute.

However, some users didn’t agree, expressing that it was unacceptable to refuse help during an emergency.

The original poster later shared that another neighbor who agreed to take the children in mentioned that the aunt didn’t arrive until 8 a.m. The children didn’t sleep the entire night and also woke up her own kids. Moreover, there was a mess left behind in her house. She used this to justify her decision not to take in the children.

Everyone has a different perspective on this situation. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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