Conquer her correctly!

I, a woman, go in so that everyone on Facebook can see what’s new, what else X or Y says on the faculty group or what other offers have appeared on various. I’m getting a message from a male character. Of course, curious, I look at the bottom right corner and see a “I’m plake D tn, esty dulshe rawww!” how he sits alone there in the chat house. The only thing left is that I don’t understand what this man means by message. (I gave an example to tick as many of the common approach mistakes I encountered. God help, I didn’t come across a specimen that would gather them all.)


Gentlemen, grammar attracts, it is extremely seductive, but only when used correctly! Even if you find it cool to replace some letters with others, even if you find it easier to shorten the words until you bring them to the sound level, don’t do it! Be very careful with the hyphen, because it is not difficult to put it where it should be. I can guarantee that a correct grammar will help you more easily conquer the pretty girl from your friends list …


The truth is that women are receptive when it comes to beautiful words, but they are much more receptive when they see them and written correctly. As messages have become a very important part of interpersonal relationships, I can only give one simple piece of advice: Let’s learn to write correctly! It’s not hard, it even helps to develop logic. It’s cool to think it’s normal to speak and write correctly, not to consider this a fad for the “fit”. The fact that we know our mother tongue is a proof of respect for ourselves, but also for those around us. Why should we lack this quality?


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