Come up!

Life will not be pink for any of us from beginning to end. There are times when you can’t help but hop, thank God with all your heart, because you are so grateful, because everything is wonderful, that you received everything you could ever ask for, or even more. And there will be hard times, for which you will need all the patience and strength you can show … Moments for which you will have to be at least as grateful.


Sounds hard, doesn’t it? But how can you not be grateful after God lifts you out of trouble? How could you not be thankful for the fact that you managed to get through a difficult period, which you did not think you would be able to complete? There will be moments that will test us, but that appear only to strengthen our character, to teach us something new, to help us see that we still need to pay attention to life, because everything can change for the better. to bad or from bad to good and not even to have the opportunity to blink …


Well, the end doesn’t come when you think … Or when you want. Even if it is a difficult separation, even a financial or career failure, the fight does not end here! Show strength, pray, get up and move on! Aren’t you a winner if you manage to get through everything without learning anything, aren’t you a winner if you don’t encounter any obstacles and reach the top without the slightest effort, because others took care of you? You are a winner when you fight! Life is not easy, but proving that you can go through it and make sense of it is what matters! So GO UP every time you’re down!


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